Based on actual events, Voiceless tells the story of Salma and Goni; One captured and forced to work for the insurgents as a skilled mechanic, the other kidnapped along with other girls from her school to serve the lust and drive home the agenda of their abductors.

In the midst of the betrayals and suspicions that make up the abductors camp, they find love, strength, the will to survive and escape back to the life they were taken away from.

Back at the real world, they face another battle which is the acceptance of their love and marriage by Salma’s parents who have rejected the condition in which she returns back home. In the end, their love will pay the ultimate sacrifice for survival.

release date:


Robert Peters

Story By

Jennifer Agunloye

Produced By

Rogers Ofime


Asabe Madaki, Adam Garba, Yakubu Mohammed, Uzee Usman, Abba Ali Zaky, Sani Mu'azu, Rekiya Atta

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