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Nigerian filmmaker, Rogers Ofime is in a celebratory mood as his critically acclaimed film, Olo ibiri prepares to start screening on streaming platform, Netflix. In a Facebook post, Ofime goes down memory lane, recalling how his outfit set out looking for the right script that will speak in passionate volumes, educate and sensitise people on the plight of Oloibiri, the first community where oil

Rogers Ofime is a Canada-based Nigerian filmmaker, movie director, and television producer, renowned for producing several compelling movies and TV soaps including Voiceless, ‘Tinsel’, and Mystic River. In this interview, Ofime shares a lot about his film, Oloibiri, and its impact on the Niger Delta region as well as entire Nigeria. “Oloibiri” he explained, makes it easy to comprehend the plight of the

Rogers Ofime is a Canadian-based, Nigerian actor, film maker and television producer. He is best known for producing several films including Hotel Rush (2013), Prodigal (2013), Scarlet (2014), Oloibiri (2014), and several notable Nigerian television drama, including Tinsel, Hotel Majestic, Hush, and The Johnsons. In this interview with TONY OKUYEME, he talks about Oloibiri, which recently made its debut on the streaming platform,

VOICELESS, a new film featuring Rekiya Attah, will make its way into Nigerian cinemas on Friday, November 20. Centered around terrorism in Northern-Eastern Nigeria and inspired by true events, Voiceless features several Nollywood practitioners that told the story of Salma and Goni, two victims captured by a dreaded terrorist gang. While one is forced to work for insurgents as a skilled mechanic, the other,

Three major Nollywood studios, Native Media, Theatrone Media, and Whitestone Pictures, have jointly announced the release of their much-anticipated, insurgency-inspired romantic-thriller, Voiceless. The film is set to open in cinemas across the country from November 20, 2020. Centred on the notorious terrorism in north-eastern Nigeria and inspired by true events, Voiceless tells the story of Salma and Goni, two victims captured by a dreaded terrorist gang,

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