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  We’ve Got Great News!                                                                                   Native Media’s romantic thriller “Voiceless”, is coming to Netflix on the 27th of June 2021.   Voiceless is a very touching movie, inspired by the dreadful Boko Haram insurgency in Northern Nigeria. It tells the gripping love story of a helpless schoolgirl, Salma, kidnapped along sides other young ladies to drive home their abductor`s agenda against western education for the girl

Native Media TV is delighted to present to you, our very first series on Netflix: THE MYSTIC RIVER WATCH TRAILER A Nigerian doctor and her husband are excited to make a trip back home, with the intention of giving back to society. Little do they know that society has its own surprises, unpleasant ones. Events soon turn sour as the barbaric traditions and murky

Once again, from the stables of Native Media Tv to Netflix! We present to you: VOICELESS!   An enthralling story, set in the Northern part of Nigeria and based on true events. We journey with the characters through the throes of death, the glimmer of hope, the pang of betrayal and the strongest of all emotions, LOVE! Watch Trailer Synopsis Based on actual events,

  WELCOME TO OUR WORLD A glimpse into Native Media TV Hello and Welcome!   We are super excited to present to you, our very first e-newsletter!   Some of you may know us well and some of you may have only heard of us.  For those just getting to know us, we are creative, we are passionate, we are fun, We Are Native Media.   We produce original visual content and

We are a television and film production company, passionate about producing original content. We tell engaging stories, no matter how big or small a project is we have a solution to offer.

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